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Make Dynamics dance to your tunes with Cynoteck's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization services. We offer superior quality setup and advanced customization services for global clients.

Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. work like a team of experts who know their job well.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you create impact faster with solutions that integrate various departments and teams in unison. However, businesses seldomly use it off-the-shelf and get it tuned to their requirements to make it work wonders. And that is what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization is all about.
To harness the most out of Dynamics 365, you need the right partner with rich customization experience to see it through. A consulting partner, like Cynoteck, can save you both time and money with your Dynamics 365 Customization by bringing to the table years of customization experience and understanding of what works and what doesn't.
Cynoteck Technology Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, has delivered successful Microsoft Dynamics Customization solutions for over a decade. Since we have been working on the platform since its launch, we carry the required expertise to offer near peerless service levels. Our team is also adept in the cross-platform integration of Dynamics 365.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization Scope

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    Setup Users and Business Units

    We can help you create role-based users who can access features and data sets approved for specific roles from the Microsoft dataverse. In addition, we can create various business units in Dynamics 365 for the logical grouping of related business functions for a multi-department organization.

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    Create Security Roles

    This is a necessary Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization, which helps you control the flow of sensitive information yet enabling collaboration at the same time. You can modify security roles, create new ones or change them altogether. The security roles consist of record-level privileges and task-based privileges.

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    Custom Entities, Fields, Views, and Forms

    Making sense of the data in real-time is what sets a business apart from its competitors. We can help you customize your business metadata for easy consumption through entities, fields, views and forms, for you to take quick and decisive actions.

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    Custom Components for Efficiency

    In order to make an organization work efficiently, all its components should work in tandem to create a frictionless process. We can help you create business rules, process flows, javascript web resources, and plugins to introduce automation in your business processes.

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    Email Template Customization

    Dynamics 365 enable you to bring efficiency to your email communication by letting you create email templates. The templates help you save time by auto-populating specified pre-filled data into an email so that you don't have to re-enter the same information repeatedly. In addition, Dynamics 365 lets you create user-based as well as organization-specific templates.

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    Third-Party Platform Integration

    Frictionless processes are the result of smooth data flows among different tech solutions used by an organization. To make each tech solution coexist in perfect harmony calls for an expert intervention that can integrate everything. Cynoteck's experience can assist you in integrating third-party applications with Dynamics 365 seamlessly.

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    Custom Report and Dashboard

    Dynamics 365 includes ready-to-use reports and dashboards, which comes with default settings. However, for more complex reports, customization becomes a necessity. Cynoteck's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization experts can help you rewire your reports and dashboards and make them more department-specific.

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    Migration from Legacy Systems

    The whole world is moving towards cloud-based platforms to become more efficient and agile. It saves them from regular investments in upgrading tech infrastructure and frequent disruptions. Cynoteck's experts will help you seamlessly migrate from your old legacy systems to more robust and secure Microsoft Dynamics 365.