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Bridging the Gap in Food Delivery Services - Cynoteck's Unmatched Mobile App Solution

Requestky is a marketplace platform for all kinds of legitimate local businesses. It is a mobile platform for local businesses to promote and sell their products, and services to the local customers while providing total liberation in making business decisions. 

Project Brief

The client was looking for an on-demand mobile app to bridge the gap that prevents quick and fresh delivery of food to hospital staff and patients. And wanted to make the service available to the public as well, instead of limiting it to just hospital staff and patients. The client wanted to effectively optimize the cost of hiring staff to take orders and deliver them. 

Solution Delivered

Cynoteck proposed an on-demand service model, like Uber, for food delivery services. 

Our experts developed an app consisting of automated workforce and processes to minimize the requirement of back support office, and workforce. 

Our developers created a platform for service providers where they can list themselves as sellers to promote and sell their products to the customers.

Cynoteck experts created the Requestky app where an individual can request meals on-demand. And the transactions were also automated for a better consumer experience.

We developed a shared economy system for the app where drivers can be hired on-demand without engaging them in long-term contacts, making the entire process convenient for drivers as well. 

Value Delivered

Successfully created a shared eco-system between the customers, merchants, and logistic personnel.  

Automation and intuitiveness successfully reduced the turnaround time for the business. This results in increased customer satisfaction and prosperity of business. 

Successfully bridged the gap of delivering fresh food to the hospital staff, according to their demands. 

We successfully developed an IOS app with an offshore delivery model which helped in maintaining a lower cost of the project. 

Technology Stack