Internet of Things (IoT)  

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to revolutionize the world as we know it as an increasing number of devices are connected to the global Internet now. In 2008, there were fewer than 5 billion devices connected to the Internet, but by 2020, there are expected to be anywhere between 50-100 billion devices connected to the Internet. The IoT is an ecosystem of connected devices that will immeasurably improve human lives, and businesses are adopting IoT technologies at an increasing rate today.

Key advantages of IoT?

  1. By getting ahead of your competition in the IoT field, your business can stand out in the crowd and transform the troves of IoT data into actionable information that can improve businesses today rather than tomorrow.
  2. When you are able to successfully integrate IoT processes across your enterprise, you can scale your operations seamlessly and without any infrastructure-related issues.
  3. If you have already started integrating IoT into your strategy, we will be able to support you in at any stage of your digital transformation model.
  4. You can connect people, processes, data, technology, systems, assets, and sensors in a seamless manner that can generate revenue for decades to come.
  5. An IoT enabled infrastructure can deliver tangible benefits to every aspect of your business.

Our Solutions

Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is comprised of experienced professionals who have been working with IoT devices for a number of years now, and we have adopted IoT devices throughout our organization to improve the productivity of the company.

Based on the needs of your business, we will able to advise you on the type of IoT devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies that your firm will require to maximize your outputs. As there are literally thousands of choices available, deciding the set of IoT devices that are relevant to a particular business can be challenging. As experts, we seek to provide our clients with continued guidance of how they can use IoT to improve processes, differentiate products, increase customer engagement, improve customer support, and develop novel revenue streams.

We will deliver customized IoT solutions to individual businesses on major cloud hosting platforms that will allow you to scale your business without worrying about physical infrastructure.

In addition, by integrating your entire business processes with the CRM applications, your business will have continual access to valuable customer data in real time which will enable you to deliver better services to your customers. IoT will fundamentally make the life of your customers a lot easier.