Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing  is transmission, storage and processing of information in the form of data and programs accessed on the internet. For businesses which prioritize aspects like

  • Sales driven growth,
  • Increasing marketing ROI,
  • Delighting customers with much more, and

on the top, Cynoteck can certainly be the best way to go. Read On to Learn More…

It is due to the rise of social computing and the growing number of millennial (both in the workforce and consumers) that the equation of business environment has transformed. Today, a business strives to meet these challenges by implementing more efficient, effective and innovative business processes so as to be future ready.

Cloud based CRM fits best into this equation. In fact, with faster time to market and low cost of ownership, it becomes vital for nearly every organization to have cloud capabilities. We at Cynoteck, offer cloud based computing services that help enterprises to become more agile as well as reduce the burden of heavy infrastructure.

Cloud Computing services

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cloud computing


Cloud computing has proved itself as a key enabler of high performance and high customer satisfaction. Since more and more organizations have realized the importance and competency of cloud based Services, Cynoteck helps them shed off some unnecessary weight viz. infrastructure management and concentrate more on their core competency. For instance, our Salesforce consultant offers the best sales management software/lead management software to track effective leads and escalate sales significantly.

Furthermore, with introduction of multiple technologies, we fully understand how selecting an appropriate cloud computing platform can be a challenge. Our consultative approach helps organizations, both big and small, to optimally utilize cloud based CRM and fulfill business needs, from simple to the most complex ones. Our professional team is well versed with the latest business dynamics and is ready to cater to the ever-changing market needs of today. So, we work together and design a solution that is not only robust, but also, agile.

At Cynoteck, our expert services are comprehensively separated into three parts:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Cynoteck Advantage

  • Passion to create solutions which not just work but deliver value.
  • Proven expertise in leading cloud platforms viz., MS-Azure, Amazon Web Services (You as the customer, only need to pay for the CPU cycles, storage or bandwidth you consume).
  • Highly collaborative working atmosphere, wherein, we ensure timely delivery with proven quality.
  • We, at Cynoteck, offer versatility and convenience, along with preserving expert management, control and security.
  • With Cynoteck Cloud services worry no longer…It’s the cloud, any way you wish it to be.