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Sales Team Performance Tracking in Salesforce

Project Description


ALTA Environmental Corporation (ALTA) provides environmental consulting services in the focused areas of site environmental evaluations, environmental regulatory compliance, and water supply investigation and evaluation. Business team used MS-Excel to generate key sales reports and needed an automated tool to extract sales team performance from CRM and represent them effectively. Their key needs included:

  • Ability to compare salesperson’s performance across various time periods
  • Ability to filter data for any given year, month
  • Effectively and Intuitively display data in graphical format

Solution Delivered

Cynoteck Team delivered a custom module for Sales Team performance tracking on internal portal wherein we delivered:

  • Identified and implemented key performance indicators to measure salesperson’s performance
  • Custom dashboard to perform trend analysis of salesperson’s key performance indicators
  • Created automated scheduled jobs to perform data calculations to facilitate faster dashboard performance

Business Value

  • Business was able to efficiently monitor and track sales team performance with minimal manual steps saving approximately 20 person hours per manager per month
  • Efficient solution to ensure all Salesforce platform limits are adhered to; to avoid any execution errors due to data volume
  • Delivered a scalable system to ensure any changes in team structure doesn’t impact dashboard metrics and performance
  • Removed all manual steps leading to error free and effortless analytics leading

Project Details

  • TechnologiesSales Cloud, Sites, Apex, Visualforce
  • Team Size3
  • Duration2 months
  • IndustryUtilities