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Pilot Zeus – Field Service App for Pilots

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Project Description


Our client is a seasoned pilot and observed a unique issue relating to flight logs. He noticed, Pilots need to enter their flight logs manually after each flight. This is often time taking and also error prone, as pilot may or may not remember exact values. Our client wanted to create an easy to use solution which can be used by pilots to log their key stats, while not investing into costly equipments.


Pilot Zeus wanted to log the details of aircraft while pilots are flying. This keeps them updated on their flight details and other important stats on the go, thus becoming a perfect companion field service app for pilots. Some of the key features of application are:

  • World Wide Database of almost every airport
  • Aircraft logging, keep track of all the data about the aircraft on your own
  • Find airports using the GPS, or by entering an ICAO or country/city search
  • Track currency, ratings, and certificates (with customization reminder settings – coming soon)
  • Real-time radar Weather reports
  • METAR / TAF feeds
  • Satellite airport maps
  • Red and white flashlight for in-cockpit usage
  • Store and search approach charts (PDF) locally, so you can access them while flying with no internet connection


  • Intuitive and easy to use mobile app for pilots, providing them capability to log key stats while in-flight
  • Native field service app providing services in online and offline modes
  • On-time delivery and smoother marketplace publishing experience
  • Cost-effective solution and low-cost development

Project Details

  • TechnologiesMicrosoft, Google, Themeforest, PHP, Ajax, Web Design
  • IndustryAviation