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Dynamics CRM Sales Process Customization

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Project Description


  • Client’s sales team was facing difficulties to get details about the sales process of the company
  • In actual, the company was looking for a systematic approach to selling their services and organize their sales process
  • The company also wanted to map their sales process to improve the sales team productivity

Solution Delivered

  • Configured Dynamics CRM sales process to define streamlined sales process
  • Delivered reports built within Dynamics CRM
    • Pipeline Report
    • Win/Loss Report
  • Reports display detailed chart of potential sales grouped by users, dates and products etc.
  • Customized reports helped client in identifying health status of their sales pipeline and areas for improvement within Sales Process

Business Value

  • Cynoteck delivered the complete solution within 8 weeks
  • New reports helped client’s sales team to monitor potential sales opportunities and track sales targets
  • With Sales pipeline set-up and reports, Cynoteck delivered a cost-effective solution which improved the sales of the company
  • As a fully native Dynamics CRM solution, it is designed for flexibility and agility to be scaled up as per business needs
  • With loads of automation and intuitiveness added to sales operations, overall turnaround time of business has been greatly reduced
  • Increased business revenue and higher customer satisfaction

Project Details

  • TechnologiesMicrosoft Dynamics CRM, Pipeline Report Win/Loss Report
  • Team Size4
  • IndustryIT Industry