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ArtFrankly – Job portal built on open stack

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Project Description


  • Client founders identified a need gap within Art world and planned to address it by creating a cloud application, which can help bridge required gap between various artists, art studios, galleries etc.
  • This job portal was for artists form any field to post jobs, find spaces & discover opportunities.
  • The idea was to create a job postal with unique and difficult functionalities.
  • Functionalities like artist can post their work on website, Employer can post jobs, UI of website also uses different level of skills.

Solution Delivered

  • Cynoteck designed and developed Job portal on Angular and Symphony framework.
  • A job portal having functionalities like post jobs, find spaces & discover opportunities.
  • By using the Angular technology, the website five time faster than other web applications.
  • Created a responsive UI by using bootstrap and SASS which give the website a beautiful look.

Business Value

  • As the portal is built on Angular platform, so its performance is very fast.
  • Zero recurring costs as no external system to be managed.
  • Fast time to delivery with cost-effective approach.

Project Details

  • TechnologiesAngular, Symphony framework,
  • Team Size3
  • Duration6 Month
  • IndustryJob portal