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Automated Issue Management with Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint 

The client is a Latvian company with world-class business standards and scope. Creating, developing, and maintaining quality living spaces with an eye towards an energy-efficient tomorrow. They provide full-service care for your property and everyday comforts, thereby making everyday life easier for people and businesses.  

Project Brief

The client was manually tracking and resolving registration and resolution issues, that become unmanageable and prone to communication lapses, resulting in poor operational efficiency and low customer satisfaction. To address this challenge, the client approached us to develop a comprehensive solution that automates issue registration, assignment, and resolution. They required a system that integrates with SharePoint for data storage, leverages Power Automate for process automation and utilizes a Canvas App for user interaction.   

Solution Delivered

With our expertise in Power Apps and Power Automate, we developed a comprehensive solution to address and resolve all the main challenges the client faced. We implemented an Issue Management Canvas App to streamline the entire issue lifecycle from registration to closure. Key components of our solution include:   


Issue Registration: Admins can now register new issues within the app. A confirmation email is automatically sent to the client representative and the person who raised the issue.  

Issue Assignment, Acceptance, and Cancellation: Issues are assigned to a resolver who receives an email with a link to the details and a button to accept the issue. If the resolver does not accept within 24-48 hours, a reminder is sent. Upon acceptance, the issue status changes to "In-process." Also, the resolver can request the admin to cancel the issue if needed. Cancellation requires a reason for accountability and triggers an email to the client representative and the issue raiser.  

Issue Resolution: The resolver informs the admin upon fixing the issue. The admin reviews the fix, uploads a resolution document, and changes the status to "Closed." A closure email is sent to the client representative and the person who raised the issue.  

Timeline and Communication Management: A timeline feature was added within the app to maintain a record of all email communications related to each issue. The timeline displays notes for key events such as issue registration, acceptance, cancellation, and closure. Users can directly add notes, and attachments, and send new emails from the timeline.  

Value Delivered

The Issue Management Canvas App improved issue tracking and communication, reducing resolution time by 40% and increasing client satisfaction rate by 60%, along with timely updates and clear status visibility. 

Enhanced Efficiency and Communication: Automated emails ensure timely updates to all stakeholders, reducing delays in issue handling. The reminder email feature minimized the risk of issues being overlooked by the assigned resolver.

Improved Accountability and Transparency: A mandatory reason for issuing cancellations ensured that cancellations are well-documented and justified. The timeline feature provided a comprehensive history of all actions and communications related to each issue.  

Seamless Integration and Data Management: Using SharePoint as the backend ensured centralized and accessible data storage. Power Automate facilitated robust process automation while enhancing overall workflow efficiency.  

User-Friendly Interface: The Canvas App provided an intuitive interface for admins, resolvers, and other users to manage issues effectively. Before this app, there was a language barrier between the users and the process they were following. To overcome this, we built the Canvas App in Latvian.  

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