Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning solution that helps small and medium sized businesses to have an outstanding control over their finances, operations, sales, and inventory management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV unifies your business’ application and functionality by integrating into a single platform that optimizes the data, documents, and devices. No matter the approach, whether it is on-premise or cloud, a desktop or a mobile, you get an exceptional service that automates and simplifies your business. Dynamics NAV facilitates improved collaborative behaviour, bigger profits, and creates trues experience for your customers.

Cynoteck is a trusted Dynamics NAV partner, offering services like support, upgrade, integration, and personalization. We consistently invest to keep our experts, relationships, delivery capabilities, and service portfolio at their best.


Financial Management

Dynamics NAV helps you in keeping track of the assets, banking transactions, investments, and cash while keeping you notified with real time updates.


Manage locations, shortage of stock and status of inventory.


Keep track of BOM, routing, assemblies, work centers, work orders and capacity planning.

Project Management

Create both time-and-materials and fixed-price projects, budget for both sales and costs, and manage all tasks from start to completion.

Service Management

Create service contracts including schedules, response times, pricing, and customer preferences. Register equipment and manage all aspects of service orders.

Human Resource Management

Record all employee information in one database, including employee classifications, skills/qualifications, and more.

Sales Receivables

Streamline processes related to customer and its financial accounts with added flexibility on currency, taxation and payment terms.

Purchase Payables

Streamlines process related to vendors and its financial accounts with added flexibility on currency, taxation and payment terms.

Supply Chain Management

Manage flow of services or products from production to consumption, and every process in between.

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