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Wonder why your Sales teams hate Salesforce?

One of the biggest questions that businesses today ask themselves is; How can they stay competitive in today's competitive business environment when struggling with the underutilization of CRM like Salesforce? As every sales process is different, and with unpredictable data, flagging adoption rates can be challenging. Keeping data centralized and synchronized with Sales teams will be crucial for a business's competitiveness and growth in the future.

Every year, customers' expectations for services increase, which means businesses need to handle their data and software more efficiently. It is not surprising that this leads to a variety of challenges and complexities. Your company's bottom line suffers as you and your team try to keep on getting new customers and retaining the old ones, and before you know it, your company's bottom line starts deteriorating.

When this happens, it is difficult to obtain a complete picture of the customer and even more difficult to ensure integrated communication across channels. That is where the sales team's proper implementation and adoption of omnichannel systems like Salesforce can be useful. You can close all these loopholes effectively by putting the tools, methods, and automation in place to identify all the challenges your sales team is class="my-2" facing.

So, you need to identify how other businesses are managing this. For this, you need to throw out your old rulebook and work with our Salesforce experts to create new "best practices" that will fill in all the gaps and prevent any more damage to your b class="my-2"usiness.

This session will discuss how the Director and Coach – Anshul Verma and the CEO - Udit Handa were able to overcome these exact ch class="my-2"allenges.

It will make a world of difference to your business if you learn from someone who has experience in the industry and understands the insides a class="my-2"nd outs of the challenges that you are facing. We promise there is a way to end this madness, and it just requires an effective strategy and the right approach.

What You Will Learn from This Session:

1) Most common challenges and difficulties faced by the Sales team when working with Salesforce.

2) How can the Sales team leverage the Salesforce CRM for efficient collaboration, and immediate action?

3) Real-life examples and business cases.

4) Better collaboration and Quote Approval.

5) An accurate Sales Funnel and Opportunity hygiene

6) How Salesforce fits into your existing business landscape

7) Success stories: Get the most out of the platform

8) Practical solutions for dealing with Salesforce challenges and tasks of the sales team.

9) Addressing pyramid structures of sales teams to build efficiency and profitability.

Who is This Session For?

This session is exclusively meant for Sales leaders and Professionals, IT leaders who handle IT for sales teams, and C-level executives (for medium to small organizations). If you have been in the industry for more than 5 years and you have 100+ members on your team and clients all over the world. Then this session is for you.

Meet the Speakers:

Udit Handa

Udit Handa is a computer graduate, the CEO of Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt Limited, and the founder of Petofy, a platform with the mission of connecting pet owners with pet service providers. Udit’s technology company, Cynoteck, is dedicated to helping both businesses and individuals with innovative tech solutions on a global scale. Udit also writes regularly on technology subjects, posting his articles on the site for the many clients they serve. He has been helping different organizations to grow and succeed by identifying a successful strategy and pursuing excellence in execution.

Anshul Verma

Anshul Verma is a computer graduate, and the President of Cynoteck Technology Solutions LLC (US). He is also co-author of the book titled "Apex Design Patterns" and has presented at various tech events, including Dreamforce. Anshul Verma is married and lives with his wife, their daughter, and their son. Anshul is an avid technologist, he likes to write and share ideas and thoughts to help spread knowledge. He has co-authored a book on Apex Design patterns and has presented sessions in Dreamforce and other Salesforce community events. With clients throughout the world, he shares his expertise on Salesforce best practices, profitable Salesforce solutions, and expert integration methodologies.