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What Are The Affordable CRM Solutions For Small Business?

An idea of implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for the small business owners, can be an incredibly overwhelming. Firstly, there is a misconception that, having this is probably going to be a cost of arm and two legs. And the next challenge would be, finding the time to add even more things to this ever going list of the tasks of the business.

Though, it is a powerful tool, only if used in the correct manner. For using it in a real manner, place it somewhere making it centralized, from where management of all the touch points, including current and prospective customers, along with the process of capturing preferences & later use the same to generate customer loyalty and generate even more business.

Best of all, that you can do without spending hours of time in figuring out how to set up everything. So, here are some of the affordable CRM for small business (CRM Solutions) that will benefit you greatly:

Insightly: One of the most popular and widely used CRM, is simple & extremely powerful solution designed. With the help of this, you can access all the information like contact number, e-mail history with their background easily.

Also, another advantage of using this is that, it offers seamless integration with the Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook 2103 and Office 365 & even social media accounts. This feature of integration with the social media accounts helps you capture the screenshots of the conversation with the customers.

Nimble: Nimble, as its name implies, helps in finding the current and prospective customer information in a smart & simple way. Like all others, it also provides you the functionality for managing information and relationships. One of the main merit of this solution of CRM is that, it automatically identifies social media profiles, so, you don’t have to go through the profiles of the people and make a thorough search.

Batch Book: This is the one that provides most efficient & easy ways for the CRM for small business. By the use of this, you can import & organize contacts and can even track your communication along with the managing tasks & events, all at one place.

Zoho CRM: Whatever is required for generating leads for your website is provided by the Zoho CRM. From tracking sales activities, managing email marketing & accessing information of the customers without any scrolling or search.

Drag and drop customization means you can easily make changes which is huge if you’re not tech savvy or don’t have a dedicated IT person on staff.

Whatever, you are looking to grow, whether a team or business, the right choice of CRM for small business will definitely help you out and will lead you towards the perfect solution.

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