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Microsoft’s Fascinating Acquisition Of LinkedIn Is A Vital Asset To MS Dynamics CRM

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that ranks high in professional hobnobbing. This portal is amongst the most powerful social media platforms with a higher user base, of around 433 million professionals from a varied background, who leverage on this intuitive, dynamic web application for seeking profession tie-ups. Microsoft recent acquisition of LinkedIn will add another new dimension, to its large scale expansions in Human Resource Management that will benefit CRM. Considered to be one of the largest Technology Acquisition by Software Pundits, recent LinkedIn merge with Microsoft software giant will speed up the entire CRM work process, thus giving a good analysis of sales and marketing that will build a business with social interaction. Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitates sales, customer service automation, social media analysis and reports. Now, there is LinkedIn social media alternatives that integrate in MS dynamics CRM for a timely and informative response to a customer’s query or translating LinkedIn interaction, into an email exchange with a sales rep or customer service.

HR management efforts using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM all new Dynamics ATS integrates technology, to engage customers and prospect leads in effective employee management, through talent acquisition add-on in Human resource. This is far more synonym to the similar recruitment functioning of LinkedIn via  Microsoft CRM consultant social network. Supporting the overall Human Resource recruitment process, refined LinkedIn data of prospect professional last interaction with an associated company, give wider insights into employee interest, strength and engagement or departure from the company.

Sales Productivity and collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM software incorporates all the LinkedIn network details that show the built-in connections of the individuals, with  all the other employee. In addition, to the conversation other information can also be tracked effectively in the same manner as collecting customer data with marketing emails that automates customer analysis. This will further help Microsoft CRM consultant to effectively use this information for automated process.

Data Quality and Sales Productivity

LinkedIn offers enhanced functionality to save and curate the latest accurate information of the users, who maintains login credentials with the site. This information goes on reviving with the regular updates from the registered professional, sharing work and experience information. These refined sources of information enhance the functioning of MS Dynamics CRM software package.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhance Sales Intelligence

 Proving to be a natural boon for the sales rep, LinkedIn natural database mining supersedes Microsoft Dynamic CRM comprehensive solutions, to furnish updated information about contacts for conducting thorough research on prospect prior to making contact. This provides superb reporting tools to Microsoft CRM consultant for enhanced productivity in sales.

Employee Recruitment Acceleration 

The Human Resource Management in the organizations hunts yearlong to attract the Crème de la Crème candidates that can prove to be an asset to the organization. To materialize these recruitment efforts they rely on a combined source of LinkedIn and MS Dynamics CRM Software solutions, to gain deeper insight into the prospective candidates detailed profile data for enhanced short listing and analysis. Recruiters do benefit the same way as the sales rep because LinkedIn data accentuates, online professional branding for the employees that helps in migrating towards different other organization that testify Linked details to conclude the candidature.

Employee Engagement and Retention

After the induction of the suitable candidates the next big challenge posed for the employers, is to keep the attrition at the lowest and retention at the highest. For this, they can leverage on exceptional MS Dynamics CRM software to maintain employee relationship effectively by seamless sync with the Outlook, to trace the entire communication with applicants, monitor performance of recruits and generate payroll easily.

Microsoft is planning for more than this in order to establish, a sheer monopoly in the domains of cloud based CRM software solutions. The core competition with Sales force is still alive, as both of these big-wigs are vying to grab the number one position as the world leader in indispensable CRM solutions. Though Sales force has earlier done a lot to pioneer in cloud computing CRM, but with a sudden crunch of much needed innovations this CRM solution provider seems to have lagged behind in taking stronger decisions to revamp its products.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting

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