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ASP.Net Vs PHP: Advantages of ASP.Net over PHP Platform

Changes in customer demand and behavior have caused business owners also to change their methods and modus. Technology has once again transformed our society, mainly how it’s economic systems function. Some 20 years ago, the only merchants that cared about computer software were the ones that sold them. Nowadays, everything has gone digital, and merchants have to acquire at least basic knowledge about the technological world.

This knowledge is crucial for merchants to improve the quality of their services, develop optimal processes, scale their business, and increase profitability. Merchants and ecommerce websites inevitably got dragged into the heated arguments between PHP and ASP.net. Both sides have continued to crash tech forums and discussion threads over which module is better in terms of performance and scalability.

Without a doubt, both platforms have provided significant advantages and consistent positive results to users over the years. This is confirmed by the number of supporters that each platform has garnered to its cause. Regardless, if, as a merchant, you decide to take your business digital with an ecommerce site, you would be forced to choose between the two.

Both platforms are unique in many ways, and each mechanism offers its own sets of benefits, but the competition arises from the sameness in purpose. Well, this write-up has been provided to show the advantages that ASP.net has over the PHP platform. Hopefully, a follow-up on the advantages of PHP over ASP.net would balance the issue and help you accurately make the right decision for your e-commerce website. The comparison would be made based on a series of metrics and measures that relate to ecommerce, cost, and performance.

Background Information


ASP.NET is a web development platform, written in a programming model and equipped with extensive modules and features required for building and maintaining web applications on desktop and mobile devices. ASP.net came out in 2002 as a replacement to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP.NET allows applications to be written in different languages. The most popularly used languages are C# and VB.Net. ASP.net runs on a faster code that enables its websites to be dynamic, elegant, and standardized while remaining lightweight. ASP.Net is a paid service, and a licensing fee must be remitted to Microsoft to make use of its features.


PHP began as an open-source project into programming and web development. Over the years, it has grown into a popular database, with numerous users contributing database and information. The PHP platform is implemented by an interpreter module that processes the prewritten codes in zip form. The web server combines the results from the interpreter and the executed code. PHP works best when suited with Apache and Unix infrastructure. PHP is still open-source, and its libraries keep growing from members and FTP servers all over the world.

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Here is a Comparison between ASP.Net Vs PHP 

Scale of Organization

It has been observed that PHP is not as suitable as ASP.Net  for large and medium-sized organizations. The reason being that PHP being an open-source platform, has little to no setup in the way of standardization. ASP.Net is designed with a strict coding language and a detection mechanism that reports bugs and glitches for immediate repairs. The randomness of PHP would thus make debugging an exhausting process. For an ecommerce website, you should see if your scale is large enough to justify paying for the ASP.Net, if not PHP might be more suited to your task.

Developer Standards

The ASP.Net community consists of a well trained and dedicated number of developers. Each developer and programmer is disciplined enough to separate experimental projects from client jobs. PHP, on the other hand, is a large community that is neither organized or regulated. Therefore, developers in this community can be from any level of rating, here you get to meet the good, the bad, and the clueless. Picking a developer from this crowd would require focus and a sound interview. Before paying the developer for the ecommerce website, make sure you run all the right tests.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications created on the ASP.Net platform tend to perform better and faster compared to those built on the PHP platform. This advent is usually attributed to the superiority of C# programming language, or the standardized or syntax, or the software infrastructure unique to ASP.Net. If you are expecting more desktop visitors than mobile, then you should think about using the ASP.Net.


The PHP platform being an open-source platform means that data and information are only loosely guarded, if at all. Information about the working mechanism of the platform is accessible knowledge to the public. The experience that could be used to exploit your ecommerce website and destroy your business. ASP.Net, on the other hand, is vetted and regulated by the Microsoft team. Security and data management is a severe issue for them.


ASP.Net platforms are designed with several detectors and a failsafe mechanism to ensure that errors in the coding are detected before compilation. Thus, the occurrence of bugs and glitches on a regular ASP.Net application is drastically limited. On the PHP platform, there is no such security; hence bugs and glitches would creep up more often. With the stakes involved in an ecommerce website picking the more functional and stable application would maintain customer satisfaction and experience when using your web services.


There is no such restriction on the PHP platform, allowing it to be more customizable. The negative impact of this irregular system is that the system is prone to bugs and glitches that make it quite unstable. ASP.Net platform has a strict coding syntax which does not allow deviations or irregular codes to run on the system. This tight regulation, although limits customization, but ensures that applications on the ASP.Net platforms are highly stable, secure, and maintains admirable quality. Just like in the debugging security, you want to pick a platform that ensures your customers are not cut off from service or discouraged by error codes.


There is also the issue of cost. While PHP is free, ASP.Net requires a licensing fee from Microsoft. This cost is partially offset by the superior support, security, features, and compatibility with Windows and enterprise applications. An eCommerce merchant does not choose because of cost first but aims to get quality and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, If you are planning to hire a PHP resource, read out this valuable PHP hiring guide.

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