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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The best way to beat the competition in 2020

Artificial intelligence is part of the latest developments in technology. As 2020 draws near, these advancements open new opportunities for different sectors, providing innovative and sustainable solutions to difficult problems. They also optimize current procedures to improve success and efficiency. Artificial intelligence takes advantage of the exhaustive database to improve programming codes, develop efficient problem-solving models, and automate stressful tasks. It has found usefulness in numerous sectors from sales, marketing, accounting, manufacturing, and health care.

It is proposed that by 2020 artificial intelligence systems would have been integrated into major businesses and services. The advantages of artificial intelligence in healthcare cases are somewhat restricted due to the current cost and barriers to implementation. Most of the barriers to social opinions of the possible dangers associated with integrating AI into the system. Others are fears associated with most kind of changes and the unknowns it will introduce. No matter what, 2020 will bring a new factor to the environment, a factor that comes with numerous benefits.

The usefulness of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 2020

  • Artificial intelligence is equipped with analytical tools which makes it perfect for analyzing data to determine trends.
  • AI systems can learn to diagnose illness symptoms, scans, and tests. This will increase the accuracy of diagnostic tests and the success of treatments.
  • Artificial intelligence can assist healthcare agents study data available on disease control database, to determine recurrent trends in endemic diseases.
  • Artificial intelligence can also be instrumental in monitoring changes in climatic and demographic factors that influence and signal the coming of a disease.
  • Artificial intelligence systems can complement doctors in their duties, making previously difficult procedures become easy and with a high rate of success.
  • Artificial intelligence will provide enhanced data storage and communication routes which will enable doctors and medical personnel to easily track treatments and medical history.
  • Artificial intelligence can use autonomous tools to free up manpower, completing tasks that would require time and effort.
  • Monitoring patient conditions and freeing nurses up for other duties.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

  • AI will facilitate early detection, accurate diagnostics, and quick treatment designs.
  • AI will save labour costs by automating formerly stressful and time-consuming tasks.
  • AI analytics tools can be used to detect trends in population health. Predictive codes will enable computers to develop accurate risk assessment and control policies to prepare for possible endemics.
  • Improved monitoring of vitals to improve the success of managing chronic disease or conditions.
  • Automation to free up time and labour.

Challenges to AI Implementation

With all the benefits promised, few obstacles must be overcome by 2020 if we are to achieve a successful implementation.

  • Cost of implementation remain the highest deterrent but we look to 2020 with hope.
  • Loss of data during AI integration is also a possibility.
  • The fear that machines will replace doctors. This is necessarily true, although it will free up manpower for other duties.
  • Patient privacy. Fears that patient data will be easily accessed and abused can be easily stopped by proper policies.
  • While a possible danger, there are efficient security systems to defend against cyber-attacks.

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