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7 reasons to use angular for your web app in 2020

If you aren’t using Angular right now, then you need to have a rethink. Obviously, you are already missing out on what is known to be the most flexible language in the globe. Angular is the only platform that ensures MVC works flawlessly. 

Most frameworks nowadays are simply a bundling of existing tools. They are an integrated toolset, but not very elegant. Angular is the next generation framework where each tool was designed to work with every other tool in an interconnected way. 

What is Angular? 

Angular is an open-source front end type framework that was developed for powerful and modern web applications.  This framework is competent to develop aging and powerful single-page applications. 

It can also be referred to as SPA’s together with great features that include two-way binding, templating, modularization, AJAX handling. Angular was introduced to the internet world in 2009. 

Angular has been reported to be used in diverse categories with over 18.47% in sector and business category, 5.75% in shopping, 5.49% in arts and entertainment, 5.10% in internet and telecommunication and 65.2% in others.  

Why Angular is Better for Web Development? 

The essential role of AngularJS development is to rearrange front-end advancement. AngularJS accompanies some systems and modules for planners just as designers. AngularJS play the most vital role in Front-end development. Front-end development essentially deals with making your website look exactly the way it should! And it includes every detail of your website that the users will see and relate with. All those artsy images, live animations, navigation menus, etc. Most companies have to Hire the services of an AngularJS developer and also Hire Front-end developer. 

Written Below are 7 reasons to use angular for your web app in 2020

Code consistency  

Inconsistency in any coding system often leads to high costs or delayed launch of the application. Every coder desire to have consistency in the coding. Hence, with angular in action, they will be able to successfully influence the viewers about the contents on a deeper level.  

An angular framework is based on components that are small interface elements that are independent of each other. Such provision leaves you with various advantages that include enhanced readability, easy maintenance, and simplified unit testing 

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Easy Testing 

When it comes to the angular framework, testing is really easy since the angular.js modules are simple to manipulate. With the presence of separate modules, you can now load the important information efficiently and also run auto testing. You don’t have to remember the procedure due to the provision of a one-file-one-module principle.   

Simple MVC  

Most frameworks implement MVC by asking you to split your app into MVC components, then require you to write code to string them up together again; however, it is a lot of work on its own. Angular implements MVC by asking you to split your app into MVC components, then you put your mind at rest by allowing Angular to do the rest.  

Angular control and manage your components for you and also acts as the pipeline that connects them. Since Angular serves as the mediator, developers  won’t feel like they are being allured to write shortcuts between components that break abstractions just to make them fit perfectly and without stress. 

A formidable user interface. 

Angular make use of HTML to define the app’s user interface. HTML is a declarative language that is more intuitive and less complex than defining the interface procedurally in JavaScript. 

HTML is also less inflexible to reorganize than an interface written in JavaScript. This implies that things are less likely to break. Also, you can bring in extra UI developers when the view is written in HTML. 

HTML is also used to figure out the execution of the app. The unique features in the HTML determine which controllers will be used for each element. These features determine “what” gets loaded, but not “how”.  

This declarative approach nobly simplifies app development in a way that seems like what you see is what you get. Instead of spending more time on how the program flows and what should get loaded first. All you need to do is to define what you want and leave the rest to Angular to take charge of the dependencies. 

Data models are POJO 

Data models in Angular are simple old JavaScript objects (POJO) and don’t need any additional getter and setter functions. You can simply add and modify properties directly on it and loop over objects and arrays at will. Your code will look neater and simpler, the way mother nature planned. 

Declarative UI 

To define the UI of the application, the angular framework makes use of the HTML source since it is a declarative, intuitive and less complex language. Hence, you don’t need to worry or stress yourself about the flow of the program or the order since the angular will take care of everything.  

Supported by Google  

One of the most essential benefits of the angular framework is that it is supported by Google. Their team assures you of the stability of angular all through. Apart from this, Google’s long-term support also ensures the growth and improvement of this framework.  

Great Benefits of AngularJS Development 

  • It is a complete-featured web app framework installed on JavaScript and controlled by Google. 
  • The Angular JS extensions support filters. 
  • It is an Open Source Web framework. 
  • It is a quick – performing Framework. 
  • AngualrJs is an MVC structure that makes web apps simple and easy to develop from scratch. 
  • It provides reusable components. 
  • The apps are suitable for iOS and Android platforms. 
  • It gives the fastest way to develop big and Single Page Apps with the help of HTML. 
  • Developers must write shortcodes, and they can benefit extraordinary good features with AngularJS. 
  • AngularJS offers features like Data Binding and dependency injection which helps in eradicating lots of code writing.  
  • Developers can now re-use the codes or the components of the codes written earlier than in various programs, hence,  making Angular JS development an accurate framework. 
  • Dependency injection is something AngularJS is commonly known for and it is effective. It shines in two areas which are the testing & Single Page Application (SAP) design! 
  • AngualrJs is not stressful to remove components; Delete a directory and all the stylesheet, and the script will be automatically removed. 


These are a few of the most crucial reasons why Angular has been rising in terms of its popularity in diverse categories of application. This is due to the large benefits it establishes on to the developer. We offer great fast application development using the Angular framework. Contact us to make your dream project a reality.    

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