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4 Ways to make your Sales team love your CRM

In some of our earlier blogs, we discussed topics related to developing CRM implementation strategies and even learned how to actually execute those strategies. However, the thing about implementing any technological system or solution is that it can create more complications.

Generally, it is believed that the route from a problem to a solution is a smooth one. But, that’s rarely the case when you’re talking about technological solutions. Technological solutions can often be complex and the features that are supposed to help can actually end up being a distraction.

Needless to say, your workforce isn’t going to be too happy about the change.

Now, we’re sure that some of you out there are having the same problem with your CRM solutions. You’ve done everything and followed every rule in the book, but, for some reason (or for several reasons), your teams aren’t falling in love with the solution.

Well, we’ve got a few tips that might just help you overcome this odd challenge.

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Eliminate Friction

A major issue that occurs with the implementation of new solutions is that familiar processes are unnecessarily eliminated. Now, some of these processes are likely to have been quite effective and your employees were probably aware of that fact.

So, don’t try to push newer processes without actually determining whether or not the older process was effective and efficient.

Always focus on what increases your average worker’s productivity. It’s okay to let go of a few key features if your employees are able to perform just as effectively with the older ones. In fact, by doing so, you’re actually cutting down on training time and making it easier for your business teams to get onboard.

Get Teams Involved

It’s obvious that some teams are going to be using the CRM solution more than others. So, having them involved in the decision making and implementation process is necessary. These teams can help you determine what it is exactly they need.

They are also likely to have a better idea of what really works and what doesn’t and whether something is easy to learn or not.

The idea is to boost overall efficiency and increase productivity while also driving up the bottom-line. Unnecessary changes in the workflow can end up doing the exact opposite, thereby rendering the new CRM system ineffective. This can be avoided by having the right teams guide you and provide perspective.

Eliminate Complexity

It’s not hard to realize that the more complex a system is, the more your teams will spend time trying to figure it out. On the other hand, the simpler the features are, the easier it becomes for teams to figure out what is right and what is wrong.

Simple CRM systems can allow departments to communicate with each other with ease and in a more direct fashion. Easy to use CRM systems can position themselves as liaisons between various teams and boost collaboration and cooperation.

Promote the Benefits

Lastly, make sure you’ve spoken about the benefits enough. With the implementation of any new system comes the need to answer all the “why?” questions. Humans love familiarity and tend to fool themselves into a false sense of security when they’re constantly exposed to what’s familiar.

Now, remove the familiar element and most of us would panic. This is possibly one of the many reasons why your new system is failing to garner a positive reaction. To counter this, you must constantly and consistently talk about the benefits the new system can provide especially in terms of increasing productivity and “reducing the workload”.

If you can show your employees what can really come out at the end, you can definitely sway them in favor of the new system.

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