What to look for when selecting CRM software for your small business

What to look for when selecting CRM software for your small business

The importance of a Customer Relationship Management or CRM software for your small business enterprise cannot be emphasized enough. From small and medium enterprises to the larger scale operations, a CRM software is the ideal way of keeping track of your customers and utilizing the data for strategizing and remolding your business policies for better profitability. So what exactly an effective small business CRM software does for your company. Let’s have a look!

How does a CRM software work?

The textbook definition of CRM implies a platform for managing the company’s interaction with its customers, both existing and potential, and analyzing the data base for gaining valuable insight into the consumer behaviors and trends. A CRM software is typically designed to manage both sales and service related data of the clients and utilize the consumer history for improving business relations with customers, devising ways of customer retention and consequently driving sales growth. There are a series of applications namely customer support, customer data, access business information, assets or resources, knowledge and training, marketing and so on that are integrated within a CRM software and help streamline your business’s day to day operations.

Selecting the right CRM software for your small enterprise

Although you might be faced with a myriad of options in the market when searching for a CRM solution for your company, it always helps to know what exactly will make the best fit in your business model and environment. Here is a list of few major considerations that you must make before selecting the right CRM software for your small business.

  • Business objectives- Developing a clear understanding of what your short-term and long-term business goals are, is critical to zeroing in on the right CRM software solution for your setup. You must first determine the immediate productivity challenges of your business and then analyze how you may solve those issues.
  • Ease of operation– Another major aspect to keep in mind while choosing a CRM software for your small business, is to ensure that it is simple to understand and easy to use on a regular basis. Given the fact that in most small enterprises, usually, the decision makers are also the ones who will be using the system, it is important for them to master the software without the added implementation costs of webinars and training.
  • Cost effectiveness– It is essential to lay down your budget and stick to it when going for an important IT purchases decision such as this. Apart from the initial price of the software, there are a plethora of other costs as well such as those for implementation, system integration, additional equipment, software customization and so on. Also, you must make sure that the new CRM software cost effectively integrates within your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Customizable– Given the fact that two businesses never have the same requirements, the concept of one size fits all doesn’t apply to CRM solutions. While you may think that a software that caters to a wide audience might do the trick for you, you will most certainly require to tune it to suit your business framework later on. It is a good idea to run your use cases through the CRM system during your trial period and ascertain that satisfies all your company needs.
  • Security Policy– Since your CRM is going to be one of the most valuable resources of your business, you must ensure that the tool that you are choosing has optimum safety and security against possible hacks and viruses. For this, you must make a thorough scrutiny of the software’s safety policy and even inquire with their representatives in case you have any doubts pertaining to its efficacy.
  • It is always advisable to avoid rushing things and take your time in researching the various options available in the market before signing up for a CRM solution for your small business.


Benefits of using MS Dynamics CRM for MS Office users

Benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for MS Office users

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most sought after automated sales software that is widely used at enterprise and corporate level, owing to its familiarity with MS office software range. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is swift and reliable CRM software that effectively streamline customer relationship data into a centralized database. The inbuilt functionalities of MS Office being integrated into the indispensable CRM software facilitate effective productivity for MS office users.

Indispensable automated sales and marketing: Well Sync with MS-Office

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM software makes the entire CRM management task effective for sales and marketing team as it is well-integrated with tools like Microsoft Word, Excel and Office Outlook that equips teams to be more productive and educated. Moreover, the team members and the employees gain deeper insights into the active customer relationship across multiple business process channels.

microsoft dynamics crm

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Why MS Dynamics CRM scores well over other CRM vendor software? Read further on this here

  • The main reason of multiple business houses adopting MS Dynamics CRM to the core of its sales business work process implementation is its intuitive MS office tool range and familiar UI.
  • MS Dynamics CRM effectively connects well with other MS office tools, namely Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Server, Skype for Business and Yammer.

Expedite the Sales process: Tightly Integrated with MS office components

  • Offer an intuitive and easily customizable environment that makes the entire work of customization swift, easy and reliable as per the specific need of the users.
  • Enhanced worksheet experience –Most of the core work that involves task to manage sales forecasts, calculating commissions, sales process analysis and insights can be completed with the help of all new Excel templates without the prior need to switch or export between the applications.
  • This makes the entire work fast and reliable saving precious time and effort involved in switching between applications in the middle of completing a business process.

Microsoft Dynamics facilitates, authentic sales management that becomes familiar and swift with MS office integration

  • Contextual documents –Now it’s entirely easy to open and access various Office apps within CRM or the CRM mobile App. Subsequently opening a CRM document within a CRM app is also manageable at its best via employing various applications on wide devices ranging from Microsoft Word for the iPhone or Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad).
  • This makes working on One Drive for Business, SharePoint, and Office 365 Groups seamless and swift. There is an extensive integration of Microsoft office features that is integrated with CRM with an inbuilt Outlook client, dynamic Excel PivotTable exports and various reports enhanced by Word mail-merge integration for letters and custom emails.
microsoft dynamics crm

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Supple with enhanced Reporting: Supported by MS office tools

  • MS Dynamics CRM facilitates Flexible reporting that enables managers and sales reps to easily see the business process as the indispensable CRM data is easily transferred into Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server or into Microsoft Office Excel for analysis for finer lines of executive dashboards updates for focusing and collaborating on customer-related documents.
  • One of the well-known features includes intuitive inbuilt reporting that becomes a big easy task for those having a peculiar familiarity with MS Office environment.

However, here is the key, crucial and important takeaway as a conclusion. Significant and biggest take away from this discussion includes.

A good combination of automated CRM and Office 365 yield amazing following output:

  • Now, you can effectively view customer information, create leads or open support cases all in one go with indispensable CRM straight from the inbox of your all-time favorite MS Outlook
  • End users can work smart by perfectly crafting professional documents comprising sales orders and various invoices with quotes by making broad use of MS word templates in CRM software
  • Excel has long been a helpful electronic worksheet, so users can easily update information in the centralized database by using Excel spreadsheet in the CRM, by importing, exporting and sharing information
  • You can attach all the relevant meeting notes and useful customer interaction information and data by making use of OneNote in CRM
  • Storing and synchronizing documents in one centralized SharePoint location and linking to CRM software is not a big deal now.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitates trilogies of sales management some of it includes Sales Force Automation, Customer Service Enhancement and Customer Engagement Centre This in conjunction with effective Marketing campaign expedite the overall marketing automation system sync to your CRM, as you can optimize your lead generation thoroughly with deeper insight and real time sales forecast. Comprehensives customer management move lead through the CRM funnel even more quickly, and close the sales with effective strategies.


How to adapt to MS Dynamics CRM in an organization using excel for Customer management

What is CRM and how can we use it for business automation?

MS Dynamics CRM is indispensable automated sales software that facilitates seamless, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This system provides all the benefits that boost productivity in the entire phase of the customer relationship cycle straight, from the initial stages of lead capturing to account creation than in the final stages of after sales process.

The business terminology CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management. The basic infrastructure of a business model and ROI (Return on Investment) is dependent on the healthy relationship with the customers. Or, we can say that if there are customers then there is business otherwise no revenue would take place. The traditional approach for customer management and engagement involve usual manual data handling approach, to upload leads, run email marketing campaigns through text and purchases. The comprehensive sales software helps sales, marketing ,customer service professionals and MS Dynamics CRM Consultant, capture lead, which is an expression of interest favored by the existing, new one or future customer, who places an inquiry about the products or services.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that makes it the best sales software at the enterprise level

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online finds maximum use, on the corporate level, owing to its lots of automation features smoothly aligned with an attractive intuitive interface that prompt excellent reporting tools.
  • It is fully developed for overcoming the complexity of the traditional sales and marketing practices, as this is a great alternative to complex customer relationship management requirements, specially developed and designed for mid to larger organizations.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers relevant social media analysis and dedicated reports on sales and customer service automation.
  • Helps sales professionals and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant manage sales at the best, as the integrated approach to collaboration in the teamwork is, taken at its best as the entire sales team work in unison.
MS Dynamics CRM Consultant

Excel & MS Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM is the best alternative, to the traditional Excel way of data handling

Customer Relationship Management is an all-purpose strategic automated sales tool. This robust sales software suite facilitates companies, to flourish customer base and keep track of all the sales and marketing activities via a centralized database. This is a part of the most sought after business process automation that accelerates business processes, to garner additional revenue in minimum possible time. Widely employed at enterprise and corporate level in mass scale CRM software effectively tracks and manage existing, regular and potential prospects or customers

Benefits of CRM over traditional electronic spreadsheets (Excel) employed for data handling

  • Customer relationship management is an important factor that plays a vital role, in enhancing the sales figure through effective customer service management that minimizes all the manual data entry done via Excel spreadsheet.
  • There are two main primary causes of software origin, one is well-known as everything is gone paperless and another one is the swift and effortless completion of the task. The same thing goes well with the sales automation software, as the wide scale CRM implementations at the enterprise and corporate work process simplifies the entire sales, marketing campaign
  • Tracking customers in Excel data is a thing of the past, as cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics CRM software solution is a feature-rich innovation, to directly upload Excel sheet in the CRM database.
  • Sophisticated calculation is possible in CRM as compared to MDynamics CRM
  • The MS Dynamics CRM application facilitates Status record calculation in the form of percentages and statistical analysis
  • Data is exported in the form of reports for end-user
  • Since Excel is very much familiar to almost all the users, so it is easy for CRM users to export and import CRM data.
  • In addition, now the communication benefit of mobile CRM is superb for MS Dynamics CRM Consultant, as it is independent of the office environment.
  • Apart from this CRM is a cloud-based application that is easily accessible from any internet connected device

Moreover, when CRM is employed, customized and implemented in the proper way, it is the refined centralized database of all the relevant information consisting of marketing, sales, service, and operations. In fact, it’s now easier to implement Dynamics CRM at enterprise and corporate level with companies already having seamless Microsoft resources and infrastructure.


Here’s, how we can capture lead using MS Dynamics CRM

Effective ways to Capture lead in MS Dynamics CRM

A lead is any potential contact that has shown interest in your company, product or service and initiated interest in by inquiring about the products. This can be seen as the new customer who has shown interest in availing your B2B Company’s product or services and made contact with you. This lead can be in the form of visitors browsing your website and filling out details as part of the call to action on your website through inbound online marketing or making contact via the contact details provided on the website. Ideally, the lead management process and strategies are transformed in follow -up call or meeting.

MS Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM customization services

What are the different ways we can capture lead in CRM?

Lead generation Methods: The process of finding complete new prospects and capturing the newer lead start from the already existing customer or account when the sales representative focus on the same regular customer by working  on multiple opportunities for the same Contact or Account.


This traditional approach prompts the sales rep to ask the right questions from prospect to identify and qualify new sales opportunity. In this way, the lead database is added into the centralized MS dynamics CRM database as part of Dynamics CRM integration services.

Website inbound marketing or online lead generation

All new Lead capturing forms that employ Gravity Forms is another way to generate lead via Blog engagements of WordPress. In addition, Gravity Forms facilitates tracking the contact details of the organic website visitor’s by downloading any of the case studies, white papers, and newsletter published by the company and opts in for email communication

Event management

This way the sales person have multiple options to show that they have attended the event or made contact with the prospect as this Campaign Responses enables them to convert contact into the lead and directing the regular customer to follow-up and placed in the contact history. Only the refined lead goes into the CRM centralized database, whereas the junk ones are filtered out.

Email marketing

Sales professionals send email messages to clients and prospects to generate lead and convert into opportunity and update database records in real time. Based on relevant CRM data from MS dynamics CRM automated, centralized database, the sales person can send more personalized emails to the prospect by including details such as demographics, the latest promotions, newsletter subscription, and previous purchase. The CRM automated sales software facilitates effective sales and marketing campaign via Dynamics CRM support services by increasing efficiency, ROI, and reach of the targeted user – base.

Social listening

All new methodology of adhering to social insights, data, and figures that effectively determines the buying behavior of the customer with their active social media interaction. Customers rely on various social media platforms to study the product through descriptions, reviews, and testimonials that can be traced with Social CRM integrated into the Dynamics CRM customization services. Read further on this here

Role of MS Dynamics CRM in lead capturing

In addition to this, another effective effort to lead capturing depends on Campaign Responses. Whenever a sales professional is attending a conference or an event or leverage on the website for lead and receives surplus inquiries then the Campaign Responses comes into the picture.

Moreover, the Campaign Responses take four modes for conversion of lead into the opportunity. A Sales rep can effectively manage this straight from the dashboard or from the functional area of the CRM.

The Campaign Responses can be said to be the filter funnel of the entire lead database and works consisting Dynamics CRM customization in the below-mentioned ways.

  • The best part of this updated database is that it facilitates easy tracking of the information related to the inquiries from the source and data from the conversion of all the lead into opportunity over a given specified period.
  • This links the follow-up activity with already existing Contact or Lead
  • The Campaign Responses effectively convert the follow-up to an Opportunity for a regular customer
  • This utilizes the contact information and converts them into subsequent follow-up activity to Lead
  • The Campaign Responses ends the follow-up activity without the person interference into your database.

Consequently, all the above methods initiate successful lead capturing endeavors of a sales rep by the fair use of automated MS dynamics CRM sales software in entirety.


The 6 Biggest Benefits of CRM

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The 6 Biggest Benefits of Dynamics CRM service

Happy customers are good for business: That’s a fact. But do you have the tools in place to fully manage those relationships? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help. Before you say you don’t need anything to assist with the basics of negotiating customer demands, know that CRM offers distinct benefits. You’ll keep your customers coming back, again and again, for starters via Dynamics CRM service. And customers who have a positive experience with your company tend to spend more than those that don’t. In addition, CRM tools can help you better understand your customers and identify patterns that may help you make future improvements to your business model. Want to learn more about CRM and why you need to invest in it, you can read more by Clicking here ? Use this graphic to get started.




Brand New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Variation That Wins Customers


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Variation That helps MS Dynamics CRM Consultant Wins Customers

Microsoft recent LinkedIn Acquisition followed by the Dynamics 365 on the roll announcements, solidify the facts that Microsoft is planning big in the cloud CRM as a whole. This initiative is directed towards usurping the number one slot after Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP Bigwigs in Cloud market shares. Microsoft new Dynamics 365 is the synonym to a perfect blend of Office 365, Power BI business Intelligence, Cortana and IOT that will help MS Dynamics CRM Consultant to speed up the business process in the cloud. This combination is wrapped around cloud-based business apps that help in managing and accelerating work process at the enterprise level.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is feature-rich with all the progressive functionalities

Experimenting heavily into the Technology and Research wings, Microsoft is going to surprise the world with its newer MS Dynamics 365 Cloud. The new Dynamics 365 is an advanced version of the best from CRM and ERP cloud solutions that will streamline MS CRM Consultant work process. This is clubbed together into one cloud service bundle with new purpose-built apps that facilitate the specific business process, comprising of Customer Service, Sales, Financials, Field Service Operations and Marketing etc.

The natural quench to get on the top of the competitors, trigger rare business policies which aggressively occur at the corporate level. Releasing new and innovative products reveals progressive operational steps a company takes to apply modern new digital technologies. These technologies in the form of digital revolution via cloud computing of mobile, social and data analytics is used  by MS Dynamics CRM Consultant to enhance operations. Another form of operational strategies taken by firms is exploring complete new domains and markets.

MS Dynamics CRM Consultant

Microsoft Cloud



  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software suite that infuses both the goodies of the current CRM and ERP cloud solutions into one cloud-based data model with new purpose-built-in business apps.
  • Microsoft’s newbie innovative software products namely Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AppSource are in the offing.
  • Enhanced capabilities like predictive insights, business process automation, and visualization are functions available in the apps that will simplify customer experience.
  • Integration of Power BI and Cortana Intelligence technologies.
  • The indispensable CRM data comes handy with ERP data in unison with the Office productivity suite, facilitating MS Dynamics CRM consultant to access the much-needed data and functions simultaneously from either  e-mail , inventory or a customer record
  • Dynamics 365 other focus revolves on IOT


New cloud computing combination of CRM ERP will simplify business process

This will accelerate the entire management of specific business processes such as sales, operations, customer service and financials. This first of its kind technology will seamlessly integrate Office 365 for enhanced productivity from the sales person or sales representative perspective. Now, a sales person can work on MS Outlook in a more intuitive way by a fantastic combination of business apps with the usual collaborative workflow and rapid productivity. A sales rep can receive the email to reply in a more intelligent and smart ways, as Microsoft CRM consultant can respond directly in the office with additional business data information consisting of right pricing, discounting from both sales and finance interactive apps.

Likewise, Field Service agents will exercise prompt sales action and avoid customer service issues by leveraging on the Dynamics 365 that facilitates detection and monitoring, so they can take appropriate action prior to any failures. In addition, it provides analytics insights and prescriptive advice to MS Dynamics CRM Consultant. For example, sales reps can effectively predict about potential products and services to a customer as per their need as the all-new talking Cortana Intelligence will speed up the entire up-sell and cross-sell recommendations. The dynamics of sales and marketing will transform into next generation cloud computing with the power of IOT and super smart Cortana on the fly. The sheer competition of cloud computing in CRM is initiated by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to commence monopoly that will witness some more innovations by other big players in the near future.


Microsoft’s Fascinating Acquisition Of LinkedIn Is A Vital Asset To MS Dynamics CRM


Microsoft’s Acquisition Of LinkedIn Is A Vital Asset To Microsoft CRM consultant

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that ranks high in the professional hobnobbing. This portal is amongst the most powerful social media platforms with a higher user base, of around 433 million professionals from varied background, who leverage on this intuitive, dynamic web application for seeking profession tie-ups. Microsoft recent acquisition of LinkedIn will add another new dimension, to its large scale expansions in Human Resource Management that will benefit CRM. Considered to be one of the largest Technology Acquisition by Software Pundits, recent LinkedIn merge with Microsoft software giant will speed up the entire CRM work process, thus giving a good analysis of sales and marketing that will build business with social interaction. Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitates sales, customer service automation, social media analysis and reports. Now, there is LinkedIn social media alternatives that integrate in MS dynamics CRM for a timely and informative response to a customer’s query or translating LinkedIn interaction, into an email exchange with a sales rep or customer service.

HR management efforts using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM all new Dynamics ATS integrates technology, to engage customers and prospect leads in effective employee management, through talent acquisition add-on in Human resource. This is far more synonym to the similar recruitment functioning of LinkedIn via  Microsoft CRM consultant social network. Supporting the overall Human Resource recruitment process, refined LinkedIn data of prospect professional last interaction with an associated company, give wider insights into employee interest, strength and engagement or departure from the company.


Sales Productivity and collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM software incorporates all the LinkedIn network details that show the built-in connections of the individuals, with  all the other employee. In addition, to the conversation other information can also be tracked effectively in the same manner as collecting customer data with marketing emails that automates customer analysis. This will further help Microsoft CRM consultant to effectively use this information for automated process.

Data Quality and Sales Productivity

LinkedIn offers enhanced functionality to save and curate the latest accurate information of the users, who maintains login credentials with the site. This information goes on reviving with the regular updates from the registered professional, sharing work and experience information. These refined sources of information enhance the functioning of MS Dynamics CRM software package.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhance Sales Intelligence

 Proving to be a natural boon for the sales rep, LinkedIn natural database mining supersede Microsoft Dynamic CRM comprehensive solutions, to furnish updated information about contacts for conducting thorough research on prospect prior to making contact. This provides superb reporting tools to microsoft CRM consultant for enhanced productivity in sales.

Employee Recruitment Acceleration 

The Human Resource Management in the organizations hunts yearlong to attract the Crème de la Crème candidates that can prove to be an asset to the organization. To materialize these recruitment efforts they rely on a combined source of LinkedIn and MS Dynamics CRM Software solutions, to gain deeper insight into the prospective candidates detailed profile data for enhanced short listing and analysis. Recruiters do benefit the same way as the sales rep because LinkedIn data accentuates, online professional branding for the employees that helps in migrating towards different other organization that testify Linked details to conclude the candidature.

Employee Engagement and Retention

After the induction of the suitable candidates the next big challenge posed for the employers, is to keep the attrition at the lowest and retention at the highest. For this, they can leverage on exceptional MS Dynamics CRM software to maintain employee relationship effectively by seamless sync with the Outlook, to trace the entire communication with applicants, monitor performance of recruits and generate payroll easily.

Microsoft is planning for more than this in order to establish, a sheer monopoly in the domains of cloud based CRM software solutions. The core competition with Sales force is still alive, as both of these big-wigs are vying to grab the number one position as the world leader in indispensable CRM solutions. Though Sales force has earlier done a lot to pioneer in cloud computing CRM, but with a sudden crunch of much needed innovations this CRM solution provider seems to have lagged behind in taking stronger decisions to revamp its products.


Things To Know Before Hiring A CRM Consultant

Things To Know Before Hiring A CRM Consultant

Your organization might need a CRM consultant to choose and implement the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for your business. They can comprehend requirement & implement a CRM for your business. There are various numbers of CRM advisers accessible, who have numerous years of experience in customer relationship management systems and know the best ways to enhance business growth.

Hiring a CRM consultant is a good decision for any business whether it is a small or a major one as it helps to avoid wastage of time, cash and efforts.A CRM specialist can give assistance to any business that experience difficulty with customer relationship or customer service management and they don’t know how to handle it.

The right CRM expert can analyze your requirements and provide you with best solutions for your business.

Before choosing or hiring the CRM consultants, you need to focus on the following points:-

The right abilities & knowledge as the key points to hiring a CRM consultant:

CRM Consultants must have skills that you are searching for in implementing or configuration the CRM for your business. Some CRM specialist may have more specialized skills, some have better business work process comprehension, some are better trainers or some may share your business vision or comprehend your corporate culture superior to any other thing. Not all abilities may be required for your project.


Ace CRM Expertise

Consider Your Business Strategic Planning:

Know your implementation or upgrade, installation, objectives of your business, alignment between CRM software and CRM Strategy and the financial cost which you plan to allocate in counseling.

Focus on the fact that greater is not generally better when hiring a CRM consultant:

For your business, if an expert appears like a good fit, don’t take your focus off from smaller operations. Besides, if a consultant charges premium cost it doesn’t mean it offers great services.

Cynoteck has been awarded as one of the Top 20 CRM Providers by the ERP Magazine. We have a team of expert CRM consultants, who have wide experience in offering services for implementation and configuration of a CRM (For small and large scale business).

  • Our experts help you to generate more sales lead.
  • Provides better sales lead management through the business cycle.
  • Offers best customer service management services.
  • Stay in contact with your clients to build customer loyalty.

Increase client retention by offering the right products at the correct time to the right clients to coordinate their needs and desires. At Cynoteck, our expert CRM consultants are more than delighted to discuss your CRM plans. Consult Cynoteck for an array of best CRM solutions, and a commitment to service excellence. In case, you are having a customer sales cycle to be managed automatically, then this is the optimum time to get sales automated via MS Dynamics CRM. Learn more about MS Dynamics CRM role for your business and get the answer to your questions on this, don’t hesitate to contact our subject matter expert consultant by clicking on the side link. We’d be happy to help.


Cynoteck- Leading MS Dynamics CRM Consultants

Cynoteck- Leading MS Dynamics CRM Consultants

CRM, a customer relationship management platform that can adapt, scale and make your business grow to new heights by gaining profits for you easily. We at Cynoteck provide our customers some of the best strategically configured CRM solutions that are specially crafted to meet the specific needs of the industry. Our MS Dynamics CRM Consultant professionals help you out in enhancing revenue, reducing cost and improving customer experience by providing best solutions that fit your needs.

Do you know how MS Dynamics CRM can power your productivity?

A CRM system is helpful for an organization which looks forward to attaining a 360 degree view of their customer data. It also adapts to the environment of your business and accelerate customer satisfaction.

CRM Helps in Winning More Deals!

As, this is totally integrated with Microsoft Outlook, it ensures rapid adoption and fast results. Most of the time, your sales team is looking for a solution using which you can win more deals by spending less time. Since Outlook is used by almost every sales person and MS Dynamics CRM Consultant MS Dynamics CRM seamless integration makes handling your sales activities a piece of cake. Take full advantage of this software for lead tracking, streamlined approvals and forecast for real-time sales.

Increased Loyalty for Customers with CRM

There are certain tools in CRM that empowers your field service technicians, field agents, sales representatives, marketing managers and MS Dynamics CRM Consultant in the simplification of case management, knowledge sharing and helps in the effective management of accounts.

Maximum ROI

Being a perfect software, there are flexible tools that simplify the work for improving the marketing effectiveness.

How Cynoteck can help you?

Based on our years of experience and hard work, we help out our customers with amazing business strategies. However, we ensure a complete transformation with the help of CRM that further aligns your objectives and strategies. Cynoteck has end-to-end capabilities in CRM that visions to create a road map for the implementation, analysis and analytics for assessment.

Today, we hold a strong place in the market and earned accolades from the companies all around the world for providing one of the best CRM consulting services.We look forward to serve our customers to the best of our abilities and reaching new goals and heights with every new implementation.


Top 5 CRM Software Small Business Should Know

Top 5 CRM Software Small Business Should Know

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important implementation strategy for upgrading business processes. It is the most ideal approach to discover, attract and increase new client for a business. In this competitive global market, CRM is an important software to grow up successful business. CRM solution enhances the leads, hence it gives a chance to the sales to get enriched information about a lead and convert it into an account. CRM programming is multi-faceted for both the business and the clients. For any business, clients are all that much fundamental. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can undoubtedly get incorporated with the work process and guarantee more efficiency. It encourages high communication with the clients by easy to use interface. Out of the many CRM solutions available following are the top 5 CRM Software:-

Microsoft Dynamics CRM:-


Dynamics CRM was first released in the year of 2003. It provides solutions for different commercial enterprises, for example, government, health care, money related administrations, manufacturing, retail, proficient administrations and education sectors. Sales Force Automation, Marketing Planning, Call Center Solutions. It is created to work consistently with Windows, Office365, Skype, SharePoint, Cortana Analytics, Azure. Yammer and PowerBI. It works on the .NET framework permitting developers to incorporate different applications utilizing web services. It can be accessed through iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones.

Salesforce CRM:-

saleforce crm software

The Salesforce cloud is a pioneer in on-demand customer relationship management. The framework offers a wide suite of CRM applications for small, mid-business sector and enterprises with a focus on sales and support. This in the list of Top 5 CRM Software offers wealth management and financial management solution services.Salesforce CRM for small scale business allows clients to deal with a boundless number of contacts, track sales deals, oversee assignments and occasions, harvest web leads and track execution with reporting.

Pipedrive CRM Software:-


Pipedrive is a famous sales CRM with visual outline and usability. Its client interface that visually reflects the characteristic stream of the business pipeline. Pipedrive intends to simplify the procedure for business people to concentrate on the right arrangements at the right times and give directors a clear diagram of the organization’s performance.

TeamSupport Software:-

Team Support Logo - Color JPEG

TeamSupport is the key to a successful client support and better for client experience. TeamSupport is a client support program that helps team to work better together without miscommunication, enhancing client correspondence and quickly tending to customer issues. TeamSupport’s full-benefit programming suite was worked for the team that drives an organization’s client services.

Mhelpdesk CRM Software:


Mhelpdesk is best CRM to provide field service solution. It works to manage billing reports, manage service requests, and clients relationships data. This framework has been come around since 2007 and as now it provides its services for more than six thousands organizations to manage their file service business. Mhelpdesk has numerous of components to support a field administration arranged business, incorporating reconciliation and accounting.This concludes the collection of Top 5 CRM Software.