An overview of what is dynamics 365

An Overview of what is Dynamics 365

When Satya Nadella took over as the CEO of Microsoft he shifted the focus of the organization to Cloud. The revenue from Cloud Services grew to $20.3 billion in June 2013 from $16.6 billion when he took over in 2011

Dynamics 365 is the latest offering from Microsoft which promises to bring your entire business to the cloud. Dynamics 365 combines ERP + CRM packages together which helps organizations utilize the same data across various modules available in Dynamics 365. One such example is the same data that was captured as a lead is utilized while generating invoices or maintaining books of accounts in future.


Dynamics 365 includes following modules

Sales –  Contains the core functionalities of Dynamics CRM including leads, sales and contracts.


Field Service – This module can be used in companies with field agents.


Customer Service – Customer services was earlier part of Dynamics CRM this has been created as a separate module since not everyone used Customer service module with CRM


Project Service Automation – Project Service module allows estimation and scheduling of projects in Dynamics 365.


Marketing –  The marketing module is used by marketing departments for various marketing activities.


Financials – This module was earlier part of Dynamics NAV used for financial activities.


Operations- Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, the operations module contains all the financials and operations functionality of AX


These modules are designed in a way that customers can purchase and utilize them separately as and when required by an organization.

At its base Dynamics, 365 includes a few applications like

Microsoft Power Apps – A new tool to build custom business apps.


Microsoft Flow – A new tool to build custom workflows.


Cortana Intelligence – A fully managed big data and analytical business suite.


Power BI –  Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights


These applications are cross-cutting across various Microsoft products available over the cloud.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in two editions –

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition – Enterprise edition is designed for larger companies with more than 250 employees.  It includes the capabilities of Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM Online.


Dynamics 365 Business Edition – Business edition of Dynamics is designed for smaller companies with 10 to 249 employees. This edition includes the Financials capability of Dynamics NAV.


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Benefits of using MS Dynamics CRM for MS Office users

Benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for MS Office users

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most sought after automated sales software that is widely used at enterprise and corporate level, owing to its familiarity with MS office software range. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is swift and reliable CRM software that effectively streamline customer relationship data into a centralized database. The inbuilt functionalities of MS Office being integrated into the indispensable CRM software facilitate effective productivity for MS office users.

Indispensable automated sales and marketing: Well Sync with MS-Office

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM software makes the entire CRM management task effective for sales and marketing team as it is well-integrated with tools like Microsoft Word, Excel and Office Outlook that equips teams to be more productive and educated. Moreover, the team members and the employees gain deeper insights into the active customer relationship across multiple business process channels.

microsoft dynamics crm

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Why MS Dynamics CRM scores well over other CRM vendor software? Read further on this here

  • The main reason of multiple business houses adopting MS Dynamics CRM to the core of its sales business work process implementation is its intuitive MS office tool range and familiar UI.
  • MS Dynamics CRM effectively connects well with other MS office tools, namely Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Server, Skype for Business and Yammer.

Expedite the Sales process: Tightly Integrated with MS office components

  • Offer an intuitive and easily customizable environment that makes the entire work of customization swift, easy and reliable as per the specific need of the users.
  • Enhanced worksheet experience –Most of the core work that involves task to manage sales forecasts, calculating commissions, sales process analysis and insights can be completed with the help of all new Excel templates without the prior need to switch or export between the applications.
  • This makes the entire work fast and reliable saving precious time and effort involved in switching between applications in the middle of completing a business process.

Microsoft Dynamics facilitates, authentic sales management that becomes familiar and swift with MS office integration

  • Contextual documents –Now it’s entirely easy to open and access various Office apps within CRM or the CRM mobile App. Subsequently opening a CRM document within a CRM app is also manageable at its best via employing various applications on wide devices ranging from Microsoft Word for the iPhone or Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad).
  • This makes working on One Drive for Business, SharePoint, and Office 365 Groups seamless and swift. There is an extensive integration of Microsoft office features that is integrated with CRM with an inbuilt Outlook client, dynamic Excel PivotTable exports and various reports enhanced by Word mail-merge integration for letters and custom emails.
microsoft dynamics crm

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Supple with enhanced Reporting: Supported by MS office tools

  • MS Dynamics CRM facilitates Flexible reporting that enables managers and sales reps to easily see the business process as the indispensable CRM data is easily transferred into Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server or into Microsoft Office Excel for analysis for finer lines of executive dashboards updates for focusing and collaborating on customer-related documents.
  • One of the well-known features includes intuitive inbuilt reporting that becomes a big easy task for those having a peculiar familiarity with MS Office environment.

However, here is the key, crucial and important takeaway as a conclusion. Significant and biggest take away from this discussion includes.

A good combination of automated CRM and Office 365 yield amazing following output:

  • Now, you can effectively view customer information, create leads or open support cases all in one go with indispensable CRM straight from the inbox of your all-time favorite MS Outlook
  • End users can work smart by perfectly crafting professional documents comprising sales orders and various invoices with quotes by making broad use of MS word templates in CRM software
  • Excel has long been a helpful electronic worksheet, so users can easily update information in the centralized database by using Excel spreadsheet in the CRM, by importing, exporting and sharing information
  • You can attach all the relevant meeting notes and useful customer interaction information and data by making use of OneNote in CRM
  • Storing and synchronizing documents in one centralized SharePoint location and linking to CRM software is not a big deal now.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitates trilogies of sales management some of it includes Sales Force Automation, Customer Service Enhancement and Customer Engagement Centre This in conjunction with effective Marketing campaign expedite the overall marketing automation system sync to your CRM, as you can optimize your lead generation thoroughly with deeper insight and real time sales forecast. Comprehensives customer management move lead through the CRM funnel even more quickly, and close the sales with effective strategies.