An overview of what is dynamics 365

An Overview of what is Dynamics 365

When Satya Nadella took over as the CEO of Microsoft he shifted the focus of the organization to Cloud. The revenue from Cloud Services grew to $20.3 billion in June 2013 from $16.6 billion when he took over in 2011

Dynamics 365 is the latest offering from Microsoft which promises to bring your entire business to the cloud. Dynamics 365 combines ERP + CRM packages together which helps organizations utilize the same data across various modules available in Dynamics 365. One such example is the same data that was captured as a lead is utilized while generating invoices or maintaining books of accounts in future.


Dynamics 365 includes following modules

Sales –  Contains the core functionalities of Dynamics CRM including leads, sales and contracts.


Field Service – This module can be used in companies with field agents.


Customer Service – Customer services was earlier part of Dynamics CRM this has been created as a separate module since not everyone used Customer service module with CRM


Project Service Automation – Project Service module allows estimation and scheduling of projects in Dynamics 365.


Marketing –  The marketing module is used by marketing departments for various marketing activities.


Financials – This module was earlier part of Dynamics NAV used for financial activities.


Operations- Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, the operations module contains all the financials and operations functionality of AX


These modules are designed in a way that customers can purchase and utilize them separately as and when required by an organization.

At its base Dynamics, 365 includes a few applications like

Microsoft Power Apps – A new tool to build custom business apps.


Microsoft Flow – A new tool to build custom workflows.


Cortana Intelligence – A fully managed big data and analytical business suite.


Power BI –  Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights


These applications are cross-cutting across various Microsoft products available over the cloud.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in two editions –

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition – Enterprise edition is designed for larger companies with more than 250 employees.  It includes the capabilities of Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM Online.


Dynamics 365 Business Edition – Business edition of Dynamics is designed for smaller companies with 10 to 249 employees. This edition includes the Financials capability of Dynamics NAV.


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What is all about “Project Madeira” in Dynamics 365 and its release date

All about “Project Madeira” in MS Dynamics 365

MS dynamics 365 is a great combination of CRM and ERP together that is well integrated with all the indispensable smart components. The comprehensive combination of Power BI, IOT, Cortana and office 365 offers the all new approach to the productivity via the next generation of Dynamics 365. Its purpose-built application implements comprehensive business process built on a common application platform to offer great customer relationship.

Dynamics 365 is the powerful software suite from Microsoft that facilitates and simplifies the entire process of starting from the prospect to cash lead, maximizing intelligent automation in opportunity, quote, sales order, fulfillment, Invoice.  This Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhancement in the form of 365 is a kind of, ‘digital transformation’ that empowers every organization with technology to shape industry growth.

This brings massive development in core business capabilities, empowering every person and organization in this world. It transforms and accelerates business process workflow via comprehensive analytics, AI, IOT and so on. Embedded Dynamics 365 expedites automation in sales, Marketing, Finance, Field Service, Customer Service and Operations

What is the transformational impact of MS Dynamics 365?

Microsoft cloud building initiative in the form of Dynamics 365, ‘digital solution’ provides better engagement with the customers using digital technologies. This new version of Dynamics offers cloud-based machine learning capabilities that enable sales and marketing professionals, to build up an effective customer base with the tremendous focus on customer’s satisfaction.

With the completely new announcement of all-new broad Dynamics 365 release, business users will get profited a lot. The new launch is really about techno-business process automation driving, productivity in the intelligent business process workflow. Dynamics 365 drive product enhancements with Office 365 that empowers organization business process cloud intelligence at finger tips in the computing world

All-new Power BI and Cortana in MS Dynamics 365 expedites business process

  • Fantastic technology and capabilities of Power of Microsoft Power BI intelligence with rich IOT services in conjunction with machine learning capabilities expedites new field service capabilities.
  • New data and advanced analytics backed data in Dynamics 365 through CDM (common data model) cloud-based infrastructure thoroughly optimizes and reinvent business processes, in the organization to create new business models. This provides greater flexibility by incorporating all the capabilities all together in software cloud-based portability.
  • Provides new end-to-end business process service capabilities delivered in a secured way as Dynamics 365 fully support offline mode.
  • No need to sit down to the computer terminal as cloud-based Microsoft apps are embedded in Dynamics 365 Mobile android and iOS app.
  • Now, all the sales rep can leverage on Cortana intelligence, advanced algorithm suite of machine learning to make better recommendations to customers.

Don’t have to browse many apps with Dynamics 365 embedded powers for some purpose-built apps

Sales data entire supply chain speed up with the intuitive menu to switch in between Microsoft app numerous apps for the business process.

  • All the operations sync well through the top of the line apps application within the system that provides operation familiar UI facilitating sales order workspace with its connected data.
  • Mobile Dynamics 365 support mobile devices with iOS, android, and windows platform that fully supports Application integrated into the business process. Different apps in the Microsoft app store designed for your business directly integrate into dynamics 365 home screen.
  • Dynamics 365 provide better insight to the comprehensive customer interaction with email opportunity offering all the relevant information for the opportunity.
  • This Interact better with the customers as it’s entirely easy to send email to customers with intuitive attachment from the last meeting presentations
  • Calendar enhancement and integration in latest Microsoft technologies, for data, forecast for clicking actions, on the basis of intelligence in sending the invoice that brings productivity to a whole new level.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 offers different apps unified experiences through Sales app, Operation apps, and financial apps as it is easy to adapt when the business process change. All the Apps products really transform sales and marketing efforts with all the information at the fingertips with office 365 offering better analytics with built own custom apps to keep data flowing. Microsoft products for purpose built, consisting Office 365, Exchange 365,and several others provide all the valuable and relevant financial and customer information in real time.

Reinvented approach to productivity with well-integrated office 365

Next generation of cloud-based Dynamics exists with future of dynamics 365 business users driving productivity using intelligence businesses that enable employees to be more successful.

  • Built for your business works with existing system,
  • Implement business process across silos
  • Start with what you need to expand to your own pace
  • This is a purpose suite that brings massive enhancement to drive productivity at cloud solutions embedded in Dynamics CRM.
  • To achieve agility in cost saving through Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, Cortana Intelligence, Enterprise mobility, security, operation management and security amalgamation.
  • Productivity is enhanced through application innovation in Security & Management, Data & Intelligence, Business Apps, CRM and ERP operation
  • Business apps in the cloud (Purpose built, Productive, Intelligent, design to be Adaptable in any environment)

Dynamic 365 Editions

Dynamics 365 Business Edition is one-of-a-kind comprehensive accounting and business management SMB solution focused on companies with minimal financial requirements. With the name of Microsoft’s “Project Madeira” at launch, Dynamics 365 will include Dynamics 365 Financials for Business, for SMBs and it currently is in the preview in the US and Canada.

On the other hand, talking about the Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365 which is directed towards customers with advanced financial and ERP needs. The Enterprise Edition is available both on the premise and on the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Indispensable Dynamics CRM Consulting  Small business solution is targeted for 10–250 employees, with maximum 300 seats.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Financials (NAV 2017 / Project Madeira)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP and CRM) Enterprise Edition solution is optimized for beyond 250 employees, with minimum 20 seats.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation
  • Customer Insight
  • Operations (Dynamics AX)

Dynamics CRM 365 will be feasible to innovate and support Microsoft products, Dynamics SL, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics GP. In case, customers look forward to a hybrid of on-premises and cloud solutions then there will be connectors that will be available on the AppSource.

Nevertheless, this Purpose-built rich set of functionality, accelerates your business customer’s service, Field service, sales, marketing, and finance thoroughly by greater Insights into customer’s satisfaction by predictable BPF (business process flow) to create new business models. With MS Dynamics 365, data flow easily to adapt that facilitates acquiring new customers, and retaining existing customers and maximizing the revenue per customers. Purpose built Apps offers an intelligent set of business capabilities in the innovative Dynamics 365 seamless integrations with each other for the end-to-end business scenario that expedites automation to solve business process by using sales customer service app. This will offer better customer service via navigational approach for the core user experiences for enhanced greater customer service experience from first interaction with the prospect to the services and sales close.