Client Profile

Eduapps Pty Ltd (Eduapps) is a wholly owned Australian start-up business with a focus on educational software applications that support learning and encourage greater parental involvement in the child’s education experience.

 SchoolWiki Mobile App Case Study – iOS and Android App for Schools

Business Situation

The client wanted to develop a smartphone communication app specifically for schools in India, which allows schools to communicate with students and parents using 21st century technology. It engages parents in their children’s education and organizes students to be prepared for their obligations at school.

Cynoteck Solution

Eduapps Pty Ltd engaged Cynoteck to provide IOS (iPhone/Android) app specifically for schools in India. Aim was to connect parents, students and schools.
Parents can easily use the app. School allowing them to communicate assessments, homework, notes, newsletters, message, sport and other important school information.

Cynoteck was responsible to take the concept from idea to reality. We engaged our team to fill in the technical gaps, engage with the customer to provide solutions and finally implement the product.

Value Added

  • FASTER TURNAROUND TIME – with loads of automation and intuitiveness added to operations. Overall turnaround time of business has been greatly reduced leading to increased business and customer satisfaction
  • TIME –Cynoteck has worked on SchoolWiki version 1.0. This version took 6 weeks to put it on App Store.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – With IOS, app store app solution. Cynoteck provides a cost-effective offshore delivery model which helped maintain lower cost of project.
  • STORE – Being on store, there are no infrastructure costs associated with final solution
  • AGILITY –Being hosted on IOS/Android app store store platform, the solution is built onto store from start. Hence, it provides flexibility and agility to be scaled up as per business needs. Additionally, Cynoteck ensured that the customization being implemented conforms to industry best practices
  • FUTURE READY – System is scalable and extendable to meet any business requirement in future.

Services Provided

  • Toast Notification
  • Push Notification
  • Production Deployments


  • IOS, Android
  • Objective C, Java, JSON
  • SQLite,APNS

Key Success Factors

  • Cynoteck’s expertise in delivering mobile apps.
  • Cynoteck’s expertise in delivering solution on App Store.
  • Diligence in delivering releases on time and with utmost quality.
  • Cost-effective solution and low-cost development.

Excellent Team. I highly recommend using them.
Brett Foster