Client Profile

Founder: Alexander Castillo
Founded: Incorporated 06/17/2015
Facebook Page:
Store Link:itunes-app-store-logo

Business Situation

The client was looking for an on demand mobile app, Uber for X application for Food delivery. The client saw a gap in delivering fresh food to patients and hospital staff as per there choice in quick time. The client wanted the offering to be available to general public instead of limiting it to patients and hospital staff. The client also wanted to invest as little as possible in hiring staff for taking orders and delivering them. This was a perfect case for an on demand mobile app where a mobile first approach could be used and our expertise in delivering such solutions made us the perfect fit for the same.

Cynoteck Solution

Cynoteck proposed an on demand service model like Uber. Automated workflows and processes resulted in getting the business up and running with least workforce and negligible back office support. In this sense RequestKy became a mobile first business utilizing the benefits of this intelligent device to its fullest. Using RequestKy app one can request for meals on demand , and can even track job accepted status, job started status, job completed status, even the transaction are automated .If one want to be a RequestKy service provider, he can sign up as a provider. RequestKy is like an office in your hand which keeps track of your transactions and work.

Value Added

  • FASTER TURNAROUND TIME – with loads of automation and intuitiveness added to operations. Overall turnaround time of business has been greatly reduced leading to increased business and customer satisfaction
  • TIME –Cynoteck has worked on RequestKy version 1.0 to 1.1, And recent 1.1 version took 2 weeks to update it with automation features to put it on App Store.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – With IOS, app store app solution. Cynoteck provides a cost-effective offshore delivery model which helped maintain lower cost of project. The on demand mobile app utilizes the shared economy where drivers can be hired on demand without having to engage them in long term contracts.
  • STORE – Being on store, there are no infrastructure costs associated with final solution
  • AGILITY –Being hosted on IOS/Android app store store platform, the solution is built onto store from start. Hence, it provides flexibility and agility to be scaled up as per business needs. Additionally, Cynoteck ensured that the customization being implemented conforms to industry best practices.
  • FUTURE READY – System is scalable and extendable to meet any business requirement in future. RequestKy on demand mobile app services can be extended to any new region by just subscribing Pros in that region.

Project Snapshot

Service Provided

Secure Automated transaction Using Braintree(PayPal)
Toast Notification
Push Notification
Production Deployments


IOS, Android
Objective C, Java, JSON

Key Success Factors

Cynoteck’s expertise in delivering on demand mobile app.
Cynoteck’s expertise in delivering solution on App Store.
Diligence in delivering releases on time and with utmost quality.
Cost-effective solution and low-cost development.

I have been working with Cynoteck for the past 6 months and it has been a great experience. Cynoteck has been deeply involved since the beginning of the project including the design phase. This team has always been available for me to brainstorm with as well as shed light on new ideas I had not thought about. Numerous times I had presented very difficult ideas I wanted to implement in Requestky and Cynoteck always came through. Even when this involved the Cynoteck team to go out and learn how to accomplish the task. I am 100% satisfied with this company and will be referring them to anyone who desires to have a hard working partner to work with. I consider them part of my team and I’m looking forward to continue working with them with new ideas I have. Highly recommend!!:
Alexander Castillo – Founder for Requestky, LLC