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Founder: David Werth

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Pilot Zeus is a field service app for Pilots makes logging flights fast and easy and fun. As a pilot you have to log flights all the time, so we’ve focused the app on simplifying that entire process and making more data available immediately at your fingertips.

Business Situation

Pilots need to enter there flight logs manually after each flight . Pilot Zeus wanted to log the details of aircraft while pilots are flying. This keeps them updated on their flight details and other important stats on the go thus becoming a perfect companion field service app for pilots.

Cynoteck Solution

Pilot Zeus engaged Cynoteck to provide a windows 8 app.

We provided the following features:-

1. World Wide Database of almost every airport.

2. Aircraft logging, keep track of all the data about the aircraft you own and/or fly.

3. Find airports using the GPS, or by entering an ICAO,or country/city search.

4. Track currency, ratings, and certificates (with customization reminder settings – coming soon).

5. Real time radar Weather reports.

6. METAR / TAF feeds.

7. Satellite airport maps.

8. Red and white flashlight for in cockpit usage.

9. Approach charts search and storage of PDF charts locally so you can access them while flying with no wifi.

Value Added

  • FASTER TURNAROUND TIME – with loads of automation and intuitiveness added to operations. Overall turnaround time of business has been greatly reduced leading to increased business and customer satisfaction
  • TIME – Cynoteck delivered the first version of Pilot Zeus field service app into Window 8 store within 20 weeks.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE – With Windows 8 store app solution. Cynoteck provides a cost-effective offshore delivery model which helped maintain lower cost of project.

  • CLOUD – Being on store, there are no infrastructure costs associated with final solution

  • AGILITY – Being hosted on Windows 8 store platform, the solution is built onto store from start. Hence, it provides flexibility and agility to be scaled up as per business needs. Additionally, Cynoteck ensured that the customization being implemented conforms to industry best practices

  • FUTURE READY – System is salable and extendable to meet any business requirement in future

  • Windows 8.1 Feature

Project Snapshot

Services Provided

Proposed MVVM architecture design
Toast Notification, Badge Notification and Tile Notification
PDF View
Published into Store


Windows 8

Key Success Factors

Cynoteck’s expertise in delivering solution on Windows Store
Cynoteck’s expertise in delivering field service apps that work offline and online.
Diligence in delivering releases on time and with utmost quality
Cost-effective solution and low-cost development