Client Profile

The company is a financial and professional services firm specialized in commercial real estate services and investment management. A fortune 500 company whose leaders are committed to create a value for their clients and shareholders. With more than 78,000 employees across 300 corporate offices worldwide, serve the local, regional and global real estate needs of corporate and investors in more than 80 countries. Their integrated services offering is grounded in expertise in all property types, a deep understanding of real estate markets and capital markets, and is coordinated and consistent across geographies.

Business situation

Presently, the company is handling all their business through On-premises CRM.  They are maintaining their business process flow by using reporting services. When they approached Cynoteck, the company was using on-premises reporting services. They wanted to switch their On-premises reporting services to Online reporting services.  To achieve it, all the on-premises SQL query report need to be translated into Online FtechXML query reports because SQL query reports do not work in Online CRM.

Cynoteck Solution

The company engaged with Cynoteck to get the best possible solution of its requirements. Our Dynamics CRM experts analyzed the given requirements and found the best possible solution of their problem in Dynamics CRM. We developed the Online FetchXml reports for the corresponding On-Premise Sql reports for all the worldwide regions of the company. We successfully created the reports by using visual studios. We converted these reports within given time frame and fully satisfied the client. Due to our quality work, we are still working with this prestigious organization.

Value added

FASTER TURNAROUND TIME – with loads of automation and intuitiveness added to operations. Overall turnaround time of business has been greatly reduced leading to increased business and customer satisfaction.

TIME – Cynoteck converted major on-premises reports into Online reports within 8 weeks.

COST-EFFECTIVE –By converting on-premises reporting services to online reporting services Cynoteck provides a cost-effective solution which improved the sales of the company.

AGILITY –   As the provided solution is the part of Dynamics CRM that’s why we ensure that the solution provides flexibility and agility to be scaled up as per business needs.

FUTURE READY – System is salable and extendable to meet any business requirement in futureomer satisfaction.


Business Requirement

  • Conversion of on-premises CRM reports into online CRM reports in Dynamics CRM
  • Dynamics CRM Support 

Solution Delivered

  • Convert On-premises CRM reports into Online CRM reports  
  • Provided CRM support


  • Able to manage their sales team and its operations Effectively
  • Able to track reports anywhere