Client Profile

Founder: Clinton Beck
Markets: Boston, Newark,Minneapolis,Providence,Cleveland,Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend
Plans : Expanding to 24 U.S. markets during summer 2016
Web Site :

Store Link: playstore

Business Situation

Most lawn mowing and snow plowing companies aim for you to sign a year long contract committing you to their services. Cuttly wanted to provide services for lawn mowing and snow plowing using an on demand mobile app . If you are only looking for a one time service, it can be difficult to find a willing company. It can take weeks to find someone who has an available time in between regular customers, and by then your lawn has grown out of control. Fort Wayne, Indiana-based Cuttly, Inc. wanted to make this process easy and handy using an on demand mobile app for IOS and Android mobile platform.

Cynoteck Solution

Uber for Lawn mowing
With Cuttly’s expertise and local business knowledge Cynoteck created a unique on demand mobile only product that is running successfully in major US cities.
The main aim of Cuttly was to get lawn mowed and snow removal in no time with minimum overheads. Automated workflows and processes resulted in getting the business up and running with least workforce and negligible back office support. Using Cuttly app one can request to have lawn mowed on demand , and can even track job accepted status, job started status, job completed status, even the transaction are automated .If one want to be a Cuttly service provider, he can sign up as a provider. Cuttly Pro work as his entire office keeping track of his transactions and work.

Value Added

  • FASTER TURNAROUND TIME – with loads of automation and intuitiveness added to operations. Overall turnaround time of business has been greatly reduced leading to increased business and customer satisfaction
  • TIME – Cynoteck has worked on Cuttly version 1.0 to 2.0, And recent 2.0 version took 8 weeks to update it with automation features to put it on App Store.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE – With IOS, app store app solution. Cynoteck provides a cost-effective offshore delivery model which helped maintain lower cost of project. The On Demand Mobile App utilizes the shared economy of human resources making it cost effective for Cuttly.

  • STORE – Being on store, there are no infrastructure costs associated with final solution
  • AGILITY – Being hosted on IOS app store store platform, the solution is built onto store from start. Hence, it provides flexibility and agility to be scaled up as per business needs. Additionally, Cynoteck ensured that the customization being implemented conforms to industry best practices

  • DATA ANALYTICAL – The data collected over devices is helping the users, providers and management taking informative decisions like.

    • Users are selecting providers based on distance, rating and availability
    • Providers are accepting jobs based on availability and rates
    • Management is able to find trends in demand, rating and user experience
  • FUTURE READY – System is scalable and extendable to meet any business requirement in future. Cuttly on demand mobile app services can be extended to any new region by just subscribing Cuttly Pros in that region.

Project Snapshot

Services Provided

Secure Automated transaction Using Braintree(PayPal)
Toast Notification
Push Notification
Production Deployments


Objective C, JSON

Key Success Factors

Cynoteck’s expertise in delivering solution on Apple Store
Diligence in delivering releases on time and with utmost quality
Cost-effective solution and low-cost of development

I’ve been working closely with the Cynoteck team for well over a year now. They’ve helped our team in all phases of product development from concept to launch. From native iOS and Android development to backend databases and web services they’ve been there to complete all the challenging projects we’ve given to them. We’ve not only worked with them for the past year, but we plan to continue to work together in the future. They’re not just are a valuable asset to our team they ARE part of our team and we’re looking forward to partnering with them far into in the future:
Clinton Beck – Cuttly