Client Profile

Art Frankly is a platform for the art world to seek and post jobs, find spaces and discover other opportunities while building your professional presence. It is a medium in art world to communicate. Art Frankly is the most popular Art and resource database for Art world today. Art frankly serves Artists, Curators, researchers, gallerists and creative professionals in one place. Art frankly is a leading and most popular art world requirement resource today.

Business situation

Art Frankly came up with a very unique and really awesome idea to create a web based application which will be a paradise for people who are seeking artist to work for them or artist from any field to find work and post their portfolio. With this unique idea they also came up with very different functionalities in site which are hard to find in many other websites as of now, for example for a very fast performance and speed of site, site uses Angular version 2 which is an upcoming technology. hosting of site not by traditional server but using Node server. now site uses various different functionalities like. artist can post their work, on site, also employer can post jobs, UI of site uses different level of designing skills.

Cynoteck Solution

Implementing this unique idea from scratch on Angular and symphony framework was a great experience, we found the solution with Angular technology through which site is now at least 5 times faster than normal web applications.  UI requirement was fulfilled by using bootstrap and sass which gave site the beautiful and unique look.

Structure of site has been built in such a way that, it does not call different pages on click of buttons and doesn’t navigate to other links, it just changes frames on a main page.

Value added

FASTER TURNAROUND TIME – with more automation used in the process overall turnaround time for the process has been greatly reduced to make their financial more productive.

TIME – Cynoteck Created this job portal by using Angular JS in 20 weeks.

COST-EFFECTIVE –With Angular 4, Cynoteck provided cost effective solution.

AGILITY –   As the provided solution is the part of Angular 4 that’s why we ensure that the solution provides flexibility and agility to be scaled up as per business needs.

FUTURE READY – System is scalable and extendable to meet any business requirement in future.

Business Requirement

  • Job Portal designed & developed especially for Artist. 
  • Facilitate them with functionality like posting job and portfolio

Solution Delivered

  • Created a working portal with various functionalities For job seekers and employers 


  • As the portal has been built on Angular JS So Its performance is very fast
  • The User interface (UI) is quite impressive
  •  it is example of state of art site and apps in terms of functionalities, Technology, Performance, and design